Harkness, Matson and Donahue Reading

03/06/2019 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
 Edward Harkness writes poetry about family, history, family history, the natural world--its beauty, its degradation--the strange miracle of consciousness. In The Law of the Unforeseen, nothing is off the table. In fact, everything is on the table, including the kitchen sink. They move from the personal to the universal, to the quickened heart of shared emotion.
"Ed Harkness's great gift is for the lyric telling of 'the heart's winding chronicle.' Permeated with the keenly felt ache of life, 'the world breaking your heart and, somehow, mending it,' these poems celebrate the sensuous beauty of 'this gold world' in deep music line by line."--Alicia Hokanson.
Suzanne Matson's engrossing and intimate new novel, Ultraviolet, named a Best Book of the Year,  illuminates the lives of three generations of women, from 1930s India, to Oregon, to Boston. Ultraviolet is a lyrical novel of great emotional depth. Suzanne Matson recognizes both the drama that is within every existence and the strengths and fragilities of our relationships with others. She shines a brilliant light on the complexities of marriage, motherhood, aging, and the end of life.
"This unostentatious yet intricate novel follows the women of a family across nearly a century . . . Domestic scenes emit blasts of emotional life, as the women grapple with the 'swooning collapse and then the expanding distance' between their interior lives and the outside world." --The New Yorker
In Three Sides Water, award-winning author Peter Donahue portrays the lives of three young people who seek meaning in an often violent, insensible world. Across the dramatic landscape of the Pacific Northwest's Olympic Peninsula, Donahue's characters take extraordinary actions to transcend the limitations imposed upon them. 
In his newest work of literary fiction, Donahue distills the raw and vivid world of the Olympic Peninsula into a stunning work that challenges what it means to live life with purpose and integrity.
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