Rita Wirkala Book Signing

06/14/2015 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Rita Wirkala’s award-winning Encounter brims with adventure, romance, and the struggle for justice. Building on a historically accurate incident, Texaco’s dumping of toxic waste into pristine Amazonian jungle, Wirkala’s novel is also the story of two young people’s search for cultural and individual identity.

“When paths cross even briefly, our lives can change in surprising and important ways,” writes a reviewer, who goes on to describe how the paths of two young people “include finding the truth, seeking solutions and loving the imperfect people in our lives.”  Called “ambitious,” “convincing” and “inspiring” by El Mundo (Madrid), Encuentro is both a clear-eyed view of global realities, and a journey of redemption.

Wirkala, an Argentine writer residing in Seattle, writes for adults and children.  She is a professor at U.W. and the founder of All Bilingual Press.

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