At WRI, Rod Molzahn shares 'What They Found'

11/02/2021 - 7:00pm

People have lived in North Central Washington for at least 8,000 years and the land has provided for them. They have lived on the land and from the land. The land satisfied all the needs of the early people: food, clothing, shelter, tools and weapons. The people were part of the land and the land was part of the people. They believed the Creator had given the land to them to sustain them. The land was precious. The land and the people cannot be separated.

All the valleys and rivers of North Central Washington share a beginning in the same volcanic and glacial violence. The peopling and development of the valleys has followed the same pattern throughout North Central Washington. Though on slightly different timelines, they all share the same history. It’s difficult to consider any one part of North Central Washington without stumbling over the connections any part has with all the other parts. Put another way, there is no part of North Central Washington that does not grow fruit. This book is an effort to find and consider those connections and to celebrate the people who have called this place home.

Rod Molzahn has lived in North Central Washington for more than fifty years and has been writing about the area for twenty of those years. He has been heard on Wenatchee Valley radio stations telling stories about the people of North Central Washington and has produced spoken word CDs of short stories about the people and events of the area’s past. He has contributed over 150 monthly articles on regional history for Wenatchee’s Good Life magazine since 2007. Molzahn has also been an occasional contributor to Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center’s Confluence magazine and is a speaker in demand for a variety of groups and historical societies across North Central Washington.

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