International Book Buzz with Gille, Pier & Merwin

09/06/2014 - 1:00pm
Mexico, Iran, and Egypt: the international view. 
Kyla Merwin has regretfully had to cancel. Meet award-winning Judith Gille and inspirational Alan Pier for insightful, informal discussion.
The View From Casa Chepitos: On a visit to San Miguel de Allende, Judith Gille falls in love…with a hot pink house on a rundown alleyway. Despite a bumpy start in the new culture, Gille and her family form close bonds with their new neighbors. Winner of the Nautilus Book Award and  Writer’s Digest eBook Award Grand Prize, The View from Casa Chepitos puts a human face on the immigration controversy and paints an intimate portrait of Mexican life. 
Judith Gille’s passion is writing about Mexican art and culture and immigration issues. Her articles and essays have appeared in The New York Times Modern Love column, the Los Angeles Times, The Dallas Morning News, the Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Seattle Times and in magazines, online journals and numerous anthologies. Gille divides her time between Seattle and San Miguel de Allende.
In The Right Choice: Living and Loving Free of Stress, Anger, Anxiety, and Depression, Alan Pier demonstrates that what you see, how you interpret the world and people’s actions, depends upon you. You make the choice in how you view life. It takes courage to break the chains that have bound you for many years. Pier challenges us to take responsibility and gain a life free of negativities, a life of true happiness.
Alan Pier was born in Iran and now lives in the United States. What he saw and experienced in his native country compelled him to write this book to help others and reflect light into the darkness of the world.
LOST & FOUND IN EGYPT: A Most Unlikely Journey Through the Shifting Sands of Love and Loss is a memoir by Kyla Merwin. With more dumb guts than preparation, a middle-aged woman takes a solo journey to the Middle East on the Get-There-and-Wing-it Plan. In a voice both raw and illuminating, Kyla Merwin explores the back roads, bustling bazaars, and shifting sands of Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. Kyla’s journeys – sometimes frightening, often hilarious and ultimately heartwarming – finally bring her back home, to her most authentic self. 
Kyla Merwin is a freelance writer with regional and national credits to her name. She publishes custom magazines and the Northwest Road Tripper, online resources for sustainable travel and ecotourism. She has traveled extensively through the Pacific Northwest, as well as many parts of Western Europe, Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. Kyla makes her home with her golden-retriever-on-the-Go, Pippin, wherever they happen to be.

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