Book Buzz! Cate Mighell, Kim Anderson and Phil Teller

01/25/2014 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

A daring female pilot in a dangerous mystery-- life coaching tips to clarify your goals and achieve your destiny -- and a collection of funny and heroic stories tossed together in a "dog's breakfast." Meet the authors! Win prizes!

Cate Mighell's intrepid heroine takes to the skies in a new mystery series. The wife of a famous televangelist has already confessed to poisoning her husband. When attorney Reina Dessiner agrees to defend the accused wife, Reina soon finds herself battling for her own life, through the streets and even through the skies. Enlisting the help of a quirky entourage of friends, Reina goes undercover into the multi-million-dollar industry of televangelism. Eventually, Reina must take justice into her own hands in a race to save a modern-day savior. “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.”

Author Cate Mighell is an instrument-rated commercial pilot, a Seattle native and world traveler. Cate speaks several languages, has lived on four different continents, and  has owned multiple businesses: from a successful flight school to French language instruction and more. Cate enjoys all sky activities, such as aerobatic flying, skydiving, and just plain cloud watching. She recently joined a group bringing the healing work of writing to kids at-risk or in jail. Read more on Cate’s blog.

Finding Your Flipping Points offers coaching insights to accelerate you and those you work with to achieve goals and dreams. In its simplest form, coaching is about finding the internal motivators and then directing time and energy towards the right goals. These concepts have helped parents steer their children to shift their thinking, managers to create more unified teams, athletic coaches to draw out more potential from their athletes, and people focus their lives to accomplish more meaningful goals. You'll find out how to coach instead of mentor, ask better questions, discover lost dreams, accelerate through roadblocks, be a better listener and much more.

Author Kim Anderson, is a writer, leader, coach and conference speaker. He has been involved in leadership development and training for the past twenty-five years, in professional consultation for ten years, holds a professional teaching certificate, and has been leading a Mastermind group for the past nine years. Kim also holds degrees in Business Management and Accounting. Kim’s passion is to see people live from their purpose and destiny. In his own words, “I work with world changers and world class athletes to achieve their goals and destiny. What part of your world do you want to change?”

Finding Your Flipping Points by Kim Anderson is available at A Book For All Seasons for $10.00.

 A Dog's Breakfast: outright lies and other fiction by Phil Teller
"Brilliantly funny and at times tragically heroic, A Dog's Breakfast is about true love, devastating loss, and writers.There are stories about a car crash, a house fire, a helicopter accident, large pistols, loud sex, romantic poetry, and so much more. Some of it is truth, some of it lies, but all of it is meaningful and well written by a first-time author who should have been published a long time ago . . . " says J. Morningmoon

A dog’s breakfast: an unappealing mixture of many things… a hodgepodge… a disorganized mess… but probably still usable. From the idea that a dog will eat anything and feeing it a miture of whatever is on hand. “Those contractors didn’t do very good work, and they made a real dog’s breakfast of that job.”—Urban Dictionary.

Silent Sky Cover Image
ISBN: 9780988890800
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Published: One Sky Publishing - April 30th, 2013

A Dog's Breakfast: Outright Lies and Other Short Fiction Cover Image
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Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - November 12th, 2013