Color of the Sea

  • Posted on: 3 May 2013
  • By: patrutledge

Growing up in a time between wars, Sam Hamada finds that the culture of his native Japan is never far from his heart. Sam is rapidly learning the code of the samurai in the late 1930s on the lush Hawaiian Islands, where he is slowly coming into his own as a son and a man.  Sam strikes out for California and finds his world complicated by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and his love for Keiko, an Americanized young Japanese woman. Sam is caught between the two warring cultures as he is drafted into the Army and sent on a secret mission into a wartime world of madness where he faces the very real risk of encountering his own brother in combat. From the tragedies of the camps to the bombing of Hiroshima, where Sam's mother and siblings live, Sam's very identity puts his life at risk and provides the only reserve from which he can pull to survive. In this beautifully written historical epic about a boy in search of manhood, a girl in search of truth, and two peoples divided by war, Sam must draw upon his training, his past, and everything he has learned if he's ever to span his two cultures and see Keiko, or his family, again.

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ISBN: 9780307386076
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Published: Anchor - November 6th, 2007

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