Explore the Olympic Penninsula with Christopher Chapman

11/14/2014 - 7:00pm
Christopher Chapman’s definitive  guide  to the Olympic Penninsula will lead you on birding, hiking, or photography adventures, while going deeper than scenery to explore history, ecology, geology, and more.
Roadside Guide to the Olympic Peninsula: a traveler’s companion to highlights and landmarks will intrigue anyone who has ever wondered: Who were the first humans to inhabit this fertile land? Where are they now? Where are the forests of old-growth trees? What about the salmon, once so plentiful? What is so special about a Northern Spotted Owl? Are there any left? Did the earliest pioneers really travel up and down the beach to access the forests and their homes? How did Teddy Roosevelt and FDR change the Peninsula? What’s this about mastodons in Sequim? Who were the Wobblies? How do the first nations hunt whales today? 
Part I of Roadside Guide to the Olympic Peninsula offers the big picture: geology, natural history and human history. Part II offers, milestone by milestone, finer details at specific locations along the 316-mile Highway 101 “loop,” as well as along numerous side-trips exploring special places such as Port Townsend, Cape Flattery, Ozette Lake, North Beach, and numerous side roads and rivers. 
A perfect guide for those who enjoy hiking, birding, and understanding what has come before. Appendices are packed with helpful resources: websites and locations of museums, parks, ranger stations, government agencies; tribal, Audubon, environmental and naturalist organizations; and campgrounds, historic landmarks, chambers of commerce, special sites, and more. Appendix E offers tips on maximizing the photographic potential of your trip. 
Christopher Chapman has lived in the Seattle area for more than twenty-five years and has always been fascinated with what lies on the other side of Puget Sound. He has a background in both biology and business. With his wife and daughter, he loves hiking among the Peninsula’s giant old-growth  and along its beautiful sea stacks.