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"Till My Last Breath checks all the boxes: a western with action, adventure, and great characters, including upright heroes and evil villains, but most of all, the passionate tale of Caleb and Emily, time-crossed lovers who defy history itself to be together. An entertaining page-turner from Deborah Swenson." – Kathleen Morris, Award Winning Author of The Lily of the West. Deborah Swenson is an author who writes from an island nestled along the pristine waterways of the Pacific Northwest. Her debut novel, Till My Last Breath, is a compelling Historical Western Romantic Suspense filled with twists and turns to bring two desperate people and two fateful worlds together. Till My Last Breath adds a new spin to the Western Romance by going beyond the traditional cowboy saves girl theme. Here, the heroine is strong, independent, and self-reliant—the hero's old world, charming and fiercely protective. Unexpected time travel and socially compelling scenarios collide with 21st Century medicine as it meets the 19th Century frontier. Life and death in the Arizona Territory's desert hills keep the story moving forward as it draws in a wide variety of readers, both male and female. Whether you are new to Western Romance or have been reading them for years, Till My Last Breath will be sure to make any reader a lover of the Old West. This is where the story begins... Emily Sweeney, MD, a strong, vibrant young trauma physician with a major Seattle medical center, is tragically taken from the comfort of her 21st Century life. Suddenly, dropped into the 1880s unforgiving frontier, she is determined to survive or die all over again. Using her knowledge and skills as a physician, she struggles to save a stranger in the Arizona Territory's desert hills. In the end, can she return to her previous life and leave behind the man she's come to love? Caleb Young, a once-prominent Boston attorney in 1880, is haunted by his past filled with lies and deception. Hoping to outrun his demons, he willingly leaves his privileged life behind. Heading straight into unforeseen trouble, he is shot for revenge and left to die in the desert hills. Now, dependent on a beautiful young woman who appears out of nowhere using her hands and heart to save him, will he finally have a reason to live. About the Author Deborah is a New England born, northwest raised author who is at home writing from an island in the Pacific Northwest where serene views of deep blue waters and majestic mountains greet her each morning. Living and working in the city, she always dreamed of one day living the country life. Loving everything country and western from freshly plowed fields, right down to the sweet smell of a barnyard, her dream became a reality six years ago when she traded commuting in gridlock traffic to driving by cornfields and cows grazing in green pastures. Her love of writing western fiction started fifteen years ago, spurred on by memories of watching the wonderful classic western movies with her Dad. When she began writing, the characters seemed to naturally evolve, and she fell in love with them. Eventually, she sought out writing groups, took college writing classes, and attended conferences. It is through the encouragement of a very dear friend that her dream has become a reality.