Book an Event

Thank you for your interest in booking an event through A Book For All Seasons. We and our local partners are delighted to facilitate bringing authors and readers together.

Please familiarize yourself with our events calendar and the types of events we host. We carefully curate our event programming based on past events and current customer trends. While we wish we could accommodate all authors, not every book is the right fit for our store.

We book events two to three months in advance, based on media and ordering schedules, so keep this in mind before you approach our store for an event. We rarely accommodate last-minute bookings.

Book availability is extremely important when considering events. Your books must be available through a publisher or wholesaler we work with regularly, and have standard discounts, terms, and return policies. Books must have a minimum standard discount of 40% (meaning A Book For All Seasons will earn 40% of the retail price) and be fully returnable. In some cases, authors choose to act as their own wholesaler, providing books at the standard discount.

We work with a number of partners and venues, and look forward to working with you on the best fit for your topic and proposed format. Common formats include signings, readings, discussions, slideshows, multi-media presentations, and workshops. Children/YA authors may wish to plan parallel events at local schools.

First step. Determine if your work is a good fit for our store. You can bring or send a copy of your book, with contact information, labeled ATTN: Events Coordinator. After we review your book, we will contact you by email. You will be responsible for picking up your book if you want it returned. We cannot hold your book past 3 months. If you have an questions or queries, you can contact Randee at

Second step. If your work is right for our store, congratulations! Now we just have to work out some details. The second step is to work with our Events Coordinator to determine the best venue, possible partner, event date, and format. Signings are typically scheduled for a two-hour period when we anticipate the best foot traffic based on past trends. Readings are typically a 40-minute presentation followed by a fifteen minute question period and a signing.

Third step. Submit Media Kit.

Please submit your media kit to our Events Coordinator three months before your event. Your media kit should include a 50-100 word book synopsis, 2-3 sentence author/presenter bio, and jpg image of the book jacket & jpg author image.

Fourth step. Partner with A Book For All Seasons in promoting your event.

A Book For All Seasons does extensive marketing for all of our events. We promote our events through our website, social media, paper calendars, media listings, and in-store displays. Your event will reach its widest possible audience if you (and your publicist) partner with us in publicizing your event. Please reach out to friends, family, the local media, and local organizations that might be interested in the book or topic. We are happy to offer suggestions particular to your unique work.