Teach and Still Have Time to Pee (Paperback)

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I am enough I am good at what I do I make a difference Jamie gave me the permission and validation I need to believe I do enough, even though I cannot do it all - Julie Wysocky, Middle School Teacher

Did you know that teachers have among the highest rate of urinary tract infections because we literally don't have time to pee?

Who is this "Kickass Teacher?" And why is she swearing in school? Jamie is the kind of girl who smuggles a kitten home from Indonesia and lays out at the pool of the Hilton without noticing there's a toilet seat cover stuck to her backside. She loves adventure and the lessons learned from misadventures that come with it.

The mistake Jamie used to make as a teacher was believing she HAD to do it all. She has dedicated over 17 years of research and practice to learn the art of letting shit go. Now Jamie serves as an overwhelm support coach helping educators who just want to take their weekends back without feeling guilty about it.

Jamie is the Founder of Kickass Teacher where she was recently named one of the top 30 life coaches to look out for in 2022 by Distruptor Magazine In her book, she shows us how to let go of major sources of overwhelm, to instead, focus on what matters most.

Jamie knows that we educators don't need "fixing." We are already enough. We need the kind of support that improves quality of life because...

There is no curriculum or training that will impact students the way happy teachers will

Invite Jamie to speak at your event. Visit www.kickassteacher.com

Finally, someone who gets the mental, emotional, and physical drain that is teaching and instead of starting out telling me what I need to do to be better, the author starts out telling me to take care of ME -Myree Conway, Early Education Teacher

This book helped me find time to have a life. It helped me bring out the best in me for others and myself to enjoy. After reading this, I started going through my piles of stuff to see what is holding me back from experiencing joy in my life. If it doesn't meet my goals, I got rid of it. As teachers, we didn't spend all of our time and money going to college to waste away our lives. We don't have to do it all ourselves. -Kimberly Bouch, Middle School Teacher

Jamie J's down to earth, funny and personalized writing is exactly what all teachers need to feel empowered, understood and stand as a team together with other teachers. In teaching, it can often feel like we are by ourselves but the message I take is that we all feel like this and we can do something about it. We are worth it and we are great teachers. Teachers are so under appreciated and this book makes me feel like I am worthy and that I am doing a good job -Claudette Povey, High School Teacher

Going through the introduction alone, I found myself nodding my head and thinking " Yep, that's me " -Linda Lang, Elementary Teacher

The introduction alone hooked me. It called to me because it described me. I am that teacher with the pile on her desk, never saying no, always trying to do more. I'm also the teacher that is exhausted, pushing through and who needs to learn how to balance herself in her job and her life. I often feel alone in these feelings but just the introduction justified for me that I'm NOT alone -Melanie Ford, Elementary Teacher

"One of the best forms of self-care is freeing your voice, even in the face of bullying, and finding validation in being heard." The phrase "freeing your voice" is what sticks with me. I have certainly faced bullying moments. I matter, my voice matters, and if it is important to me and my values, then it is worth speaking out. -Kathleen Johnson, NASA Science Curriculum Developer and Teacher.
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