Individualism and Inequality: The Future of Work and Politics (Paperback)

Individualism and Inequality: The Future of Work and Politics Cover Image
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In the neoliberal world, rising individualism has frequently been linked to rising inequality. Drawing on social theory, philosophy, history, institutional research and a wealth of contemporary empirical data, this innovative book analyzes the tangled relationship between individualism and inequality and explores the possibilities of rediscovering individualism's revolutionary potential.

Ralph Fevre demonstrates that a belief in individual self-determination powered the development of human rights and inspired social movements from anti-slavery to socialism, feminism and anti-racism. At the same time, every attempt to embed individualism in systems of education and employment has eventually led to increased social inequality. The book discusses influential thinkers, from Adam Smith to Herbert Spencer and John Dewey, as well as the persistence of discrimination despite equality laws, management and the transformation of individualism, individualism in work and mental illness, work insecurity and intensification.

This multi-disciplinary book will be essential reading for students and scholars of sociology, economics, philosophy, political science, management science and public policy studies, among other subjects. It will also be of use to policymakers and those who want to know how the culture and politics of the neoliberal world are unfolding.

About the Author

Ralph Fevre, Professor of Social Research, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, UK
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ISBN: 9781784716523
ISBN-10: 1784716529
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Publication Date: August 25th, 2017
Pages: 320
Language: English