Perpetual Peace (Paperback)

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Mankind has been at war with one another since the beginning of time and has continually experienced its heartache and devastation. This vicious pattern will continue until we find a way to satisfy ourselves without the added "benefit" of drenching our hands in blood. This is the challenge that Immanuel Kant has addressed in this work. It could contribute much to the cause for peace if those with the ability to effect change should care to listen and act upon his ideas. Legislation is proposed within this book, with the various articles of law already intact, in general form, for the world to consider. Currently, billions of dollars are spent on war every day while millions of children starve who could otherwise be fed. This book is for the many individuals and organizations that promote world peace, and for the world leaders who don't. Before we can approach the elimination of war, it is best to know exactly what war is and why we engage in it. Kant does a brilliant job in revealing this, along with the actions we should take. Are we ready for the answers he gives? It is up to us to appreciate the wisdom of these ideas and then work toward positive change and future progress.

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ISBN: 9781585093199
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Publisher: Book Tree
Publication Date: May 20th, 2009
Pages: 80
Language: English