Liveable Lives: Living and Surviving LGBTQ Equalities in India and the UK (Paperback)

Liveable Lives: Living and Surviving LGBTQ Equalities in India and the UK By Niharika Banerjea, Kath Browne Cover Image
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Liveable Lives examines what makes life liveable for LGBTQ+ people beyond equality reforms. It refuses the colonizing narrative of surviving in a 'regressive' Global South and thriving in a 'progressive' Global North. By linking the concept of liveability with the decolonial literature on sexualities, this open access book draws on individual's stories, art and writing to examine how lives become liveable across India and the UK, providing a multifaceted investigation of two divergent contexts where activists refuse local framings of exclusion/inclusion and LGBTQ+ lives are continually re-envisioned. Embracing diverse methodologies, including workshops, in-depth interviews, street theatres, and web surveys, the book stands as an example of a queer collaborative praxis that refuses the familiar Global North / Global South practices of theorizing and data gathering.

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About the Author

Kath Browne is a Geography Professor at University College Dublin, Ireland. She currently leads the Beyond Opposition research, an ESRC consolidator project that seeks to investigate the experiences of people who do not support some or all of the changes to sexual and gender equalities in the 21st century and explore new ways of engaging difference, differently. She is the co-author of Heteroactivism (Zed, 2020), and co-editor of After Repeal (Zed, 2020), and Lesbian Feminism (Zed, 2019). Niharika Banerjea is Associate Professor of Sociology at the School of Liberal Studies, Ambedkar University, Delhi. Working across and drawing from sociology, geographies of sexualities and social anthropology, Niharika writes about queer-feminist collective imaginaries, queer-feminist pedagogies and queer politics in the context of contemporary India. She is also an active member of Sappho for Equality, an activist organization in eastern India working for the rights of lesbian women, bisexual women and transmasculine persons. She is co-editor of Lesbian Feminism (Zed, 2019).
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Publication Date: June 29th, 2023
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