Whispers from Heaven...Then she was gone (Paperback)

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For two years, I prayed for her while I was jogging. Then she made her grand entrance. Renee came into this world larger than life. You hear, "Be careful what you pray for...you just might get it." Well, I've learned that the Lord has a great sense of humor. He answered our prayers... and then some. Renee would take our lives from the orderly, organized and make-sense world of science and fill it with laughter and humor sprinkled with surprises along the way. She was greatly gifted with a spirit of independence which was evident through her interest in sports, music, adventure, travel and friendships. Renee gave 110% to everything she did, and she made everything fun.

It was the Lord's whispers from heaven - the Lord's light - that guided and directed our journey with Renee whose life was cut short at 28 years. She stretched the boundaries and brought richness to the texture of our lives. Most of all, we were able to see the abounding goodness of the Lord and hear His whispers in molding and shaping both Renee's life and ours.

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ISBN: 9781087939575
ISBN-10: 1087939577
Publisher: Indy Pub
Publication Date: December 21st, 2020
Pages: 294
Language: English