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Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay's brilliant and controversial collection of essays and articles that define and explain the ideals upon which the United States of America was founded.

In a brilliant set of essays, Jay and his colleagues Alexander Hamilton and James Madison explored in minute detail the implications of establishing a kind of rule that would engage as many citizens as possible and that would include a system of checks and balances. Their arguments proved successful in the end, and The Federalist Papers stand as key documents in the founding of the United States.

This edition includes:
-A concise introduction that gives readers important background information
-A chronology of the author's life and work
-A timeline of significant events that provides the book's historical context
-An outline of key themes and plot points to help readers form their own interpretations
-Detailed explanatory notes
-Critical analysis, including contemporary and modern perspectives on the work
-Discussion questions to promote lively classroom and book group interaction
-A list of recommended related books and films to broaden the reader's experience

Enriched Classics offer readers affordable editions of great works of literature enhanced by helpful notes and insightful commentary. The scholarship provided in Enriched Classics enables readers to appreciate, understand, and enjoy the world's finest books to their full potential.

About the Author

Alexander Hamilton was born in 1757 on the island of Nevis, in the Leeward group, British West Indies. During the Revolutionary War, he joined the staff of General Washington as secretary and aide-de-camp and soon became his close confidant as well. Hamilton was elected to the Continental Congress in 1782-83. Hamilton's part in New York's ratification of the Constitution the next year was substantial, though he felt it was deficient in many respects. Against determined opposition, he collaborated with John Jay and James Madison in writing The Federalist Papers.

James Madison, born March 16, 1751, the first of ten children born to a slave owning family in Orange County, Virginia. He grew up to be an impassioned opponent of established religion and advocate of what was then called freedom of conscience. In 1779, Madison was selected to represent Virginia in the Continental Congress and was the youngest member. Madison was highly instrumental in the convening of the Constitutional Convention; he played a key part in guiding the Constitution through the Continental Congress. In 1809, Madison became the fourth President of the United States.

John Jay (1745-1829) was an American statesman and first Chief Justice of the United States. he was born in New York City and graduated from Columbia University in 1764. In pre-Revolutionary activities he reflected the views of the conservative colonial merchant, opposing British actions but not favoring independence. Once the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed, however, he energetically supported the patriot cause. He contributed five papers to The Federalist, dealing chiefly with the Constitution in relation to foreign affairs.
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