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Aldrich Press Book Award Finalist


With a fine ear for the music of language and a sharp eye for physical detail, the poems of Flight Path are clear windows into landscapes of the natural world and of the heart.

~Ellen Bass, author of Like a Beggar, Copper Canyon

Press 2014 Cynthia Neely is a poet of the mountains and sea, the rivers and big woods of the Northwest. I'm drawn to her clear images and sharply cut lines, her animals, birds and her gentle heart.

~Joseph Millar, author of Blue Rust Carnegie Mellon University Press 2012

Flight Path possesses the airy beauty of hollow bone. The poems lift in song and at their center lies a heart as strong and steady as the jewel she sees in the loon’s eye. Cynthia Neely grounds this collection in earned and shared love, loss, and courage. These poems are an open-armed soaring, this path inclusive, filled with the ache and joy it takes to be alive.

~Kevin Miller, author of Home and Away: The Old Town Poems, Pleasure Boat Studio Press 2008

Woven through the many shades of loss these poems confront is an exploration of wildness and art as sustenance. Even when the echoes of the deepest hurts turn to desperation, the “weightless / complication” of poetry can keep us aloft as we find “the quieter places.” By their unflinching nature, their maturity, and their deft craft, these poems tell of a poet who is full of promise and whose path is as true as it is hard earned.

~Derek Sheffield, author of Through the Second Skin, Orchises Press 2013
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ISBN: 9780692215845
Publisher: Aldrich Press
Publication Date: May 28th, 2014
Pages: 92